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Electric vs. Gas Golf Carts, Which is Right for You

gas vs electric golf carts

When you’re ready to purchase a golf cart, you need to know whether an electric or gas cart is right for you. You have to ask yourself three questions: How do you plan on using your cart? Where are you going to use your cart? How much do you have to spend? Pros and Cons of an Electric Cart An electric golf cart is typically more affordable, but doesn’t have the power to handle a larger property. This type of cart will run quieter, and it is much more environmentally friendly than a gas-powered cart. Another advantage with the electrical-powered...

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Choosing The Right Golf Cart Tread

Choosing the Right Golf Cart Tread

When buying a golf cart, one of the most important issues to address is what you will be using the cart for and which tires you need to purchase. The right tire tread is going to depend on which terrain you will be using the golf cart on. Some treads are better for domestic purposes, like campgrounds or suburbs, while others help with off-road adventures and utility driving. Tire patterns range from smooth to straight rib and saw-tooth. Smooth and Straight Ribbed The smooth tread is used for easier terrains, such as grass and lawns. They provide great traction on the...

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